YOU can change the lives of children

Dear Friends and Supporters,

After I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I received a wake up call and I knew what my real life’s purpose was to become a Children’s Book Author and Publisher. GOD knew this too! I started writing while I was healing from surgery. I wrote my first book, Mommy, is the Computer Smarter than, Me?

Now, that the book has been written and the illustrations are completed, the book will be typeset and printed. With your help, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and/or siblings will share this book to develop their love of reading. This will assist in creating lifelong, positive memories.

Once the printing is complete, we will package and ship to all our supporters. Please assist me and make my first book a success. Thank you all in advance.

10 donation

$10 Donation
Receive a beautifully
engraved keepsake pen.

$25 Donation Autographed copy of the first 1000 editions.

$25 Donation
Autographed copy.
only 1,000 available