My Prayer Warriors and God

I contacted several of my Good Friends and told them exactly what was going on with my health, these Great Friends prayed with me and for me. I did not tell my immediate family about the Cancer diagnosis. Why? Their Emotional Devastation to the diagnosis would have further devastated me emotionally, mentally and physically. That is why I just requested extra prayers. I just did not have spiritual energy to emotionally babysit my family. I needed GOD to be with me on this journey and that is my focus. This was not a popular decision with my spouse, but it turned out to very good choice for me.


The night before my scheduled Mastectomy, I could not sleep, my nerves were on edge and I was praying hard, that this was a dream. I was hoping to wake up and find that the lump was gone. I woke up, felt to see if the mass was gone, I declare it was larger. I showered as instructed and we traveled to the hospital. My Prayer Warriors, texted me before surgery and I prayed silently all the way to the hospital. I walked into the hospital with this huge chip on my shoulder, I was angry and ready for all of these events to be over.

I know GOD was with me; Why? Everyone was so pleasant and smiling. It had a positive effect on my solemn attitude. Thank you to all the hospital’s Nurses, Doctors, Technicians, Support Staff and Volunteers at Athens Regional Medical Center. Your sincerity, warmth, hugs, prayers, and well wishes really had a positive effect on my healthcare. I received a Hug and an I.V. after changing for surgery, along with words of encouragement from the Nurse. She informed me that my Surgeon had performed her surgery and that I was in great hands. I smiled and my soul became calm.

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