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Time to start being mobile, going to the bathroom with an I.V., JP Drains attached and half of your chest missing is just so much fun; Not! I am a private person and I don’t like to be fussed over, so having to have someone assist me with going to the restroom does not make me happy.

After two days in the hospital, I am recovering from the effects of the anesthesia and surgery. I am being rewarded by urinating and passing flatulence, yes this is one of the milestones I had to perform to be ready for discharge. As my Daddy would always espouse, there isn’t any excuse required for regular habits. (Farting is a part of the body’s natural process, own it.) This flatulence was quite odoriferous and rather loud, I had to ask myself, is this really me stinking up the joint? Ungraciously, yes it is me, I felt embarrassed and sorry for the Nurses and Techs that had to endure the odors.

Team Pink

Later that day two awesome ladies from the Pink Ribbon Team came to visit me.

Discharge Day, my wonderful Doctor burst into my room at 6:30 AM with the tactics of an old Army Drill Sargent. I was awakened with harsh lights and he was greeted with a WTH, before I realized it was him and I would be granted my freedom. He informed me that all the Nurses commented that I was a good patient and I had passed my initial milestones. I could go home, I was quite excited.

I was so excited, that I dressed myself early, gathered all my belongings and texted my sweetie with the news. I was really ready to go home. I just had to wait for my formal discharge papers in order to be officially released from the hospital.

Now is the time to perform the work my life was spared for, it is my hope to publish the Children’s Books I have created and written. My goal is to use the funds collected for philanthropic giving and community service.

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